Paintings from Your Photos, Calligraphy, Graphic Design by KATHLEEN A. RENNINGER

                                   A Little About Me

My first artistic endeavor occurred at the age of approximately two an a half , when I decided to do a “mural” on the living room wall; my chosen medium being a red crayon.  While my mother didn’t appreciate my choice of substrates, she did, nonetheless, encourage me to continue  expressing myself creatively. ( On tablet paper, that is!)  

 While I‘ve never had any formal art training, I won’t  say that I’m  “self-taught”; the fact is that I’ve  learned quite a bit from “TV artists”, books, demonstrations by local painters, and the advice of artistic friends  .
 My paternal grandmother was an artist, so  I will  have to attribute my abilities in part to "good genes".


In addition to being an artist, I  have, at various times,  been a sign-painter, a calligrapher,  a freelance graphic designer, and a how-to writer. (Any of you who are model railroaders may already be familiar with my name; my scale structures and accompanying articles have been published in Model Railroader Magazine.) I also custom-painted model railroad equipment for a number of years, but have discontinued that in order to pursue artwork full-time.