Paintings from Your Photos, Calligraphy, Graphic Design by KATHLEEN A. RENNINGER

 How Does Having a Painting Done Work?

1. Choose a photo that you’d love to see as a painting.
2.  Contact me to let me know what you'd like to have done.
If you can email a digital image along with your request, it will be a help.

3. Send me a good quality print(s) or slide, via US MAIL.
( see “Restrictions and Advice”, below.)

4. I’ll confirm that your photo(s) will be suitable to work from, and will give you a cost estimate and time frame.

5. I’ll complete the painting, and email you a  small image of it, for your approval.

7. If you're happy with it, I'll let you know the final cost , plus shipping, (and sales tax if you live in Pennsylvania.)

8. You send the specified amount. Please note:  I accept US Postal Money Order only.

9. I’ll ship your painting.

How much does it cost?

Generally speaking, these are my prices for labor and materials ( If a subject includes an exceptional amount of detail or more than a plain background, the cost will be higher.)

11 x14" acrylic or oil--- animal, person, or building: $300.00-425.00

16 x20" acrylic or oil --- animal, person, or building: $400.00 to $550.00

(note: a second animal or person in the same painting would be

100.00 more)

11 x14" acrylic or oil---vehicle or machinery: $300.00-700.00

16 x20" acrylic or oil ---$500.00-1000.00


8 x 10 to 9 x 12 " pastel or pencil ---animal, person, or building: $85.00-200.00

11x14" ---pastel or pencil ---animal, person, or building: $150.00-275.00

( note: a second animal or person would be from $30.00 to $85.00 more.)


What kinds of photos can you work from?

35 mm slides, and 5 x 7 prints or larger (from film or digital)



1. Your photo cannot be one on which someone else holds the copyright ( This is often the case with photos taken from the internet.)
2. If you yourself have published this photo and hold the copyright, you must give me written permission to use it. (Sounds silly, but that’s the way it is.)
3. If your photo was taken by a photo studio ( such as a child’s school photo), you must secure permission from the studio, in writing, for me to use it to paint from. I must receive a hard copy of this.




1. When mailing your prints or slides, please do not send the only copy you have. Things have been known to be lost in the mail!

Why can't I just email photos?

 Any digital images that you can email me will certainly be a help, but I also need a good quality print(s) to work from.


You have three options for getting the photo to me:

1. Scan it at a high resolution: at least 300 dpi, and email it to me. ( You must make sure that the photo is being sent at original size and not being reduced when it's placed as an attachment. A smaller image will not provide the best quality) If I feel that the image cannot be worked with, then one of the other options will need to be taken. 

2. Scan it as above and burn it to disc or flash drive; mail me the disc or flash drive.

3. Mail me the original photo. ( This is the best way, but also a last resort, as the photo may be lost or damaged in the mail. If you choose this route, please have someone scan the photo for you first or take a picture of it with a good camera, so you still have an image of it.)

 I will correct the photo and send you a small image of it for your approval.

I'll have it printed professionally, on photo paper, according to the size you choose. ( Current prices for various sizes will change, and may affect the overall price of having this done, so I will advise you prior to having the photo printed.)

I will ask you to remit payment, and then mail you the printed photo. ( If you sent an original, it will be returned to you as well.) 


Prices for labor will vary greatly depending on the degree of correction/ enhancement needed.  A general range might be $15.00 to $75.00. The cost of printing and shipping ( and sales tax, if you live in Pennsylvania)  will be added on to that.  


How does PHOTO COLLAGE work?

You must send all the photos you wish to include in the collage, in one of ways listed above in the "Photo Restoration" section. ( I prefer that you send a background photo as well, however, this is not absolutely necessary)

I will create a rough draft of  the collage & email you a small image for your approval.

I will have the collage printed professionally. ( Prices for this may vary; I will advise you as to the cost prior to printing, to help you decide on  your preferred size.)

I will ask you to remit payment in the form of a postal money order. 

I will mail you the printed collage (and the original photos if you sent them to me.)


Prices for labor will generally be between $50.00 and $300.00 . The cost of printing and shipping ( and sales tax, if you live in Pennsylvania) will be added on to this.